Among all the IT/computer best jobs in a recent CNN.com Best Jobs in America report, Database Administrator job has the highest job growth forecast (30% increase) for the next 10 years until 2023.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about Consulting and Professional services offered by DBA University ?

Please visit our consulting services page. Click here


When are the next training batches starting ?

All our upcoming training schedule is posted online. Click here to view the upcoming Oracle training courses..

Who is eligible to take your training ?

Most of you may be already eligible to take our training courses.
Please click here for the SQL Server DBA training eligibility

Please click here for the Oracle DBA training eligibility
There is no prereq for taking Oracle SQL Training course
Please click here for the Oracle RAC, Data Guard training eligibility
For Big Data with Hadoop course, we strongly you to first complete our Oracle SQL course. (If you don't have atleast intermediate level SQL query knowledge.).

SQL Training course is recommended as a prereq for Java training course.

How frequently do you provide the training ?

We typically have one training schedule starting every 2 months for each of our courses. So we have training courses available all round the year.

When do you have the classes (morning or evening time) ?

Each of our training courses is divided into various classes and each class runs for 2 hours if you join weekday training (3 to 4 days from Sun to Fri) and for 4 hours if you join weekend training (Sat,Sun).

Do you provide onsite training ?

Yes we do. But onsite training is only provided in Chicago. We recommend everyone to take our online training and anyone in the world can attend our online classes just with a computer and a internet connection with VOIP (through a microphone or headset).

Do you provide training in other database technologies such as MySQL and on the Hadoop Platform ?

Currently we are offering six training courses - Big Data with Hadoop, Oracle DBA, Oracle RAC ASM & Data Guard, SQL Server DBA, Oracle SQL PL/SQL and Java courses. We might add new courses to our list of trainings in 2016. The  training courses are tailored made so that students at all levels can attend.

How long does each course last ?

Approximately 5 to 8 weeks with each course divided into equal sessions of 2 hours (if training is 3 or 4 days from Sunday to Friday evenings) and 4 hours each (if you choose weekend training) each so that you get enough time to grasp and understand the course content easily. We want every student to grasp the course content properly and become confident and well trained in the course topics, helping them become successful in the real world and get a job quickly.

How do i access the LAB environment ?

Once you register for our training, you will get instructions on how to access the Remote LAB environment. Click here for more details.

Do you offer a discount on the cost of your training ?

Our prices are already very affordable. Currently we are unable to provide any discount.

Do you have any other branches or offices in other countries?

We are based in Chicago, USA and welcome people from all over the world to take our online training.

How do I cancel my training registration ?

If you register for our training courses and wish to cancel or drop out of classes, then we will provide a full refund provided we recieve your written email notice to info@dbauniversity.com atleast 12 hours before the start of the second session of the course. No refund amount (full or partial) will be provided for any cancellation requests once you pass this deadline. If you decide to join a future course, you must register again and pay the fee. You cannot use the amount paid for a past registration towards a future registration.

How soon will you send the refund amount ?

The processing of the refund amount can take upto 2 or 3 days from the date of acknowledging your cancellation request.

Can i split my payments into two installments ?

We require you to make the entire payment at a time during registration.

How do I pay for the training ?

All payments are made online (via a credit/debit card)  when you buy the course. We accept all major cards such as VISA and MASTER cards, including PAYPAL payments.

My card was declined when I tried to make the payment. How can i register in this case ?

For some international students, your payment might get declined because of the fact that your credit/debit card does not allow international payments (US dollars). In this case, please send an email to info@dbauniversity.com and we will provide you an alternative method to make the payment.

I am not in the USA. But you are charging in US dollars. Can I still register ?

Yes. Your credit/debit card provider automatically will charge you in the local currency (what ever is equal to the US dollars in your local currency). All your payments are processed using PayPal online. So its very secure.

Will you complete the training course as per the initial class timetable ?

We will make all attempts to complete the course as per the initial timetable. However, very rarely the course completion may be delayed or a class may be postponed because of the instructor's unavailablity. Each course is expected to complete in the expected duration. We hire and retain the best faculty for our training courses.

I cannot attend a class. Will you teach me the topics that I missed during this class ?

We can provide video recordings upto a maximum of 2 missed classes if you email the training instructor in advance.

What is the minimum number of student registrations required for starting a training course ?

The minimum number of student registrations varies per course. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any course atleast 24 hours prior to the start of the first class should the minimum number of student registrations are not met. In the case of such a situation, we recommend you to wait until the minimum student registration is met or we will refund your entire training fee should you desire so.

Due to the huge demand for skilled database professionals in today's computer/IT job market, most of our courses are sold out.

What is the contact email address to ask questions related to Cancellation / refund ?

All questions related to Cancellation / refund must be sent to Billing@DBAuniversity.com

Do you provide Corporate Training too ?

Yes. We do offer Corporate Training. Please click here about our Corporate Training program.